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and afford 24 additional square feet of plants and son. this doesn't meet the change and mr. brown can expand his square footage the same as other mansions. it was done as san francisco legal specks but a one-size-fits-all lou law is not a fit. when you look at the proportionality it's massive. this is even convertible this is 25 feet i don't know why those are equal i measured them this morning >> we've done everything we could. >> thank you sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> i want to call names of speakers in supportive of the dr. >> (calling names). >> if your name has been called feel free to approach the podium. >> i'm tamara i'm phil's one of but my speaking for tor i didn't downstairs who lives at the 254 eureka street. this statement is to request the planning department not to allow the expansion as currently proposed but to require the owner richard brown to consultant with his neighbors with a plan that has the approval of the immediate neighbors. indian it the planning department as required the owner of 238 eureka to mitigate the extension to the front of t
for inflated contracts that cost the pentagon hundreds of millions of dollars. jeffrey brown has the story. >> brown: for decades, leonard francis, known as "fat leonard" for his imposing girth, has been well-connected in top u.s. navy circles, perhaps too connected. his company, glenn defense marine, provided logistics support for u.s warships at ports in east asia. since 2011, the company has won more than $200 million in navy contracts. contracts that federal investigators now charge are at the center of an elaborate criminal conspiracy involving bribery, fraud and more. in october, "the washington post" reported that francis plied top navy commanders with prostitutes, cash, luxury hotel rooms... ( cheers and applause ) ...even tickets to a lady gaga concert in thailand. in return, officials at the justice department say, francis received classified information on ship deployments. he also allegedly pressured commanders to steer ships to ports where his company would then overcharge for services like sewage disposal and tugboats. in september, the justice department arrested francis as
in launching the federal website for small businesses to enroll their employees with insurers. jeffrey brown gets two views on these bigger issues at stake. >> brown: for that we're joined by jacob hacker, the institute for social and policy studies at yale university, he worked on the broad blueprint of the health care law and has written a number of books about social policy? the u.s. and avik roy is a senior fellow at the manhattan institute rand author of the new book "how medicaid fails the poor." he served as mitt romney's health care advisor during the 2012 presidential campaign. jacob hacker, let me start with you. with before we get to if problems of the rollout, how do you see the affordable health care act fitting into a larger debate in the u.s. over many decades over the role of government in the lives of its citizens? >> well, we've been debating the place of health care in the american social contract since the early part of the 20th century and that debate for 75 years or so has resulted in legislative failure. and the affordable care act was a landmark step forward. american
. with katrinaeak brown about how she traced her family's shocking history. all that and more coming up. we turn to a new book 10 years in the making that looks at how some of the country's major universities, harvard, yale, then, rutgers, williams, university of north carolina, just to name a few, are drenched in the sweat and sometimes blood of the african slaves that were brought here. the book is called "ebony and ivy: race, slavery, and the troubled history of america's universities. " in it, craig stephen wilder from m.i.t. reveals how the slave economy and higher education group together. the american campus today as a silent monument to slavery. this history is silent no more. professor wilder joins us here in new york. america's most elite universities. what relation do they have to slavery? >> multiple relationships. the first and most provocative is the relationship to the slave trade itself. in the middle of the 18th century from 1746 until 1769, less than a quarter century, the number of colleges in british colonies triples from the three to nine. the original were harvard, yale, an
. jeffrey brown caught up with the republican governor during a visit to washington last week. >> brown: governor scott walker, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> brown: i want to start with the title "unintimidated." it sounds combative, tough, good guys, bad guys. why that tone at a time when many americans say they're tired of this kind of fighting? >> well, there's a difference between what you see in washington and what you see in states like wisconsin. in washington i think many ways probably partly so most americans see the fighting as being for the sake of fighting. they don't feel like they're fighting for something. they feel like it's fighting for a game sport. >> brown: you think they see that when they watch what's going on in politics? >> i think so across the board. i think the states that's really changed the tide for us in my recall election. people saw what we were doing was fighting for them. fighting for the hard-working taxpayers, taking on the status quo, taking onen the entrenched special interests and for other governors and us that's why there's a difference. >
to acknowledge the former mayor of san francisco willie brown who's here (clapping) >> it's not often you have clinton, cop in the same paragraph. they have the same initially a which stands for adorable. someone who you unfortunately saw in our list david and ron deducting men are here to represent their father. david and ron where you are? are they here. oh, their way in the back. wow. we shove gotten you guys better seats. alex had a rare combination of empathy and he was the quiet it. the bike path is named in his honor and we'll open it tomorrow in his memory. there are also on a lighter note four other folks who deserve a moment of recognition. their unstoppable advocates for the east span. they've plated different roles by all four confusing for the rest of us share the first name ryan. so without further ado the lives of ryan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so our first brian is brian patterson. he's the first one all in his glory (clapping) you know, brian was always the most nerve i didn't say guy on the job you think he would be worried about the steel but he was worried about our visits to the j
, to marry willingly i didn't brown. let me just thank you ail for helping you tell to getting get to this day. i want to thank the contractors and architects and manufactur manufacturesers. thank you for your long hours and hard work in the face of big challenges and those have been some major challenges that are paying off today. so give everyone who had a hand in this a big thank you. we must always honor the memory of folks who lost their lives in the earthquake. the contribution of this bridge first it's a beautiful structure f that adds another iconic structure to our incredible bay area landscape. it's truly a gateway to the east bay community. second this bridge it insures our safety. we all remember the distribution brought by the earthquake. we know the daggers of a future quake that's why it's so for this is built to withstand a big quake. we will right lane on this bridge to maintain the resources in the case of a man made disagrees. third this has big impacts on our economy. it will prove the transportation and health insurance this is a home to oakland. it will contin
owns and certainties they need to operator the in our program. governor jerry brown currently passed a program that will address the sf concerned and freddie mac and fannie mae won't be effected. we've, participating in the state fund to make sure our properties are fully protected. ultimately in the end green finance st. is the solution we've been searching for it creates local jobs. green finance sf will if you thought cement >> is a a natural leader to errors the effects of cloiment changes and make it easier for homeownership to refinance. we have more work to do in rolling out this program i hope you'll join me and those behind me in rolling out this program. i want to thank you for being here. i want to turn it over to mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor farrell. it's great to see homeownership's and our labor force and city agencies thank you for coming together. we all support our assignment. this program as supervisor farrell pass very adequately explains you you know we started pace with or my proximate in 2010. it's a pretty big announcement we you will
years, tablets and e-readers have topped many holiday shopping lists. jeffrey brown looks at one program aimed at using that technology to get people to read. >> brown: more than 770 million people around the world where illit ra, according to unesko, world reader wants to decrease those numbers and eradicate illiteracy for the next generation. >> i will go on friday after work and come back on sunday. >> brown: the group distributes e-readers to individuals, classrooms and libraries throughout subsaharan africa where 50% of schools have few or no books. the three years old the program reaches over 13,000 children in nine different countries, including kinnia, rwanda, zimbabwe and ghana where this student wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. >> brown: once the e-readers are distributed, the organization curateaise wireless library of local and international books. joining me now is david risher, the cofounder and president of world reader. he's a former executive with microsoft and amazon, and welcome to you. >> thank you, jeff, it's great to be here. >> brown: i've seen you describe
brown for being here today (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) on the brown side; right? willie. it's my pleasure >> (speaking spanish.) >> so, now i'd like to introduce dignity 89 supervisor campos and there's no translation for this he's from guatemala. he received his law degree from harvard please welcome supervisor david campos. thank you good evening. i'm so honored to be in front of of this amazing crowd it's a good lucking crowd. i want to acknowledge a bunch of folks i see the superintendant of our schools >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) i'll be brief this evening should be about the students. but i want to say we've had some pretty incredible accomplishments as a latino community. we heard about the trust act passed in sacramento and thank you governor and absolutely and, of course, here at the local level thank you to john avalos and the entire community to worked to make sure we have no longer a relationship with immigration here 90 in san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we also have heard from ed lee the mayor thank you for being here becaus
the public comment and please limit your comments to three minutes. >> thank you, good evening, mr. brown, hello. >> hi. paula brown, and i would like to use the overhead please? >> as i always come, this is my son. he was murdered august 14th, 2006. and i still have no justice, and the perpetrators are still out doing what they want to do. i know that i am going to put the names of them down and i know seven of them in jail, and one of them is dead. but, some of them are out still, living their lives the way that they want to and having children, still not doing for what they have done to my son, especially thomas. the shooter, and he shot my son. many times, harris moffit was there and i send word to him in jail he said that he was there but he said that he did not shoot my child and i don't believe that. i still want justice for my child. i have this because the mayor said again, i know who killed her son, killed her son, he said, on thursday, the da knows who killed her son. the police know who killed her son. he is serious, they can name names, and identify individuals, and even list
of the killings. jeffrey brown has the story. >> brown: the long-awaited report came nearly a year after the shootings that ravaged the tiny connecticut town. on december 14, 2012, adam lanza shot and killed his mother at their home, then drove to nearby sandy hook elementary school, where he'd once attended. there, he killed 20 first- graders and six school staffers before turning the gun on himself. the state attorney's report concludes lanza planned the rampage on his own and told no one in advance. it finds he had an obsession with mass killings, but it concludes the ultimate motive for the sandy hook attack may never be known. the report is heavily redacted. that's partly because newtown officials have labored to protect the privacy of the victims' families and help the community recover. that included a decision to demolish the school itself-- a move welcomed by many. >> we're a very strong community and we're going to overcome this. we're going to move on and they're going to put up another beautiful school and we're going to move on. >> brown: a fuller account of the shootings ma
to thank governor brown, for nominating me and confirming me as your poet laurit, and i would like to thank the arts council for doing the same and the university california river side and the department of transportation, and thank you so much. and i also wanted to introduce you to our youth poet of oakland, davis who is 70 years old and right there standing up. he is our new lauriet for oakland. >> thank you so much, my wife is right there, and who is my great inspiration and hadari who works so much for oakland and the arts. the bridge poem bay bridge inauguration poem, san francisco oakland bay bridge, september 2, 2013. for all bridge dreamers, bridge builders and bridge crossers. self-sustaining, and a light unto itself. the dark that lifts us and it sings us as we pass bay bridge, i see you now, your new design risen, above star waters, a new galaxy appears. a new trillion may we live in your safety and in your carriage, and in your heart. my all of your hours and all of your lights embrace us once again. and may we crawl across your shoulders as bird, fish, singers and may we be the
billion from the program. >> what you doing? you're not afraid. >> mercedes brown has been raising six grandchildren ages 2 to 13 since her daughter was murdered two years ago. >> i've been with her on her 28th birthday. >> brown says when her grandchildren moved in she got two jobs. still, it's tough to put food on the table around the holidays. this year she had to ask for help. >> everything on the table that i have - it's through the food bank. brown says this is her first time using the food pantry. she's not alone. gail runs the 11 action outreach in new orleans. >> i experienced an increase in new clients using the food banks for the first time. >> at the start of the month a temporary increase in supplement at assistance programs ran out because congress failed to renew it, and it has affected 50 million americans. >> this thanksgiving more families are on need because of cuts. they are more reliant on foodpantries and other organizations to make ends meet. >> this food pantry helped about 200 new participants. they expect the number to go up as more people like mercedes brown
, maryland down 7-3. right around midfield. c.j. brown. finds nij king. this a 53-yard touch down hookup. the terps go on top to, 10-. ben brown the senior showing off the legs. later on in the quarter, he's going to call his own number. right up the middle and down the sidelines. 49-yard touch down run here. three touchdowns on the day. and a career high 138 yards on the ground for brown. maryland go up 17-7. later on, brown looking to put the icing on the cake. he's going to connect here with albert reed, 27 yards, score, five touchdowns in game for brown total. maryland wins their final acc game, 41-21 and finish the regular season with a record of 7-5. >>> battle of virginia hokies taking on the cavaliers. first quarter, virginia tech on top. the cavs are moving the ball. david an watford finds jake mcgee. he'll take this down the sidelines all the way down to the 22 yard line. it's a 38 yard game to set up the tying field goal. second quarter, hokies up 9-6. logan thomas says he's going to find trey edmonds over the middle here. edmonds stays on his feet somewhere. and gets into the
the huge deficits and we had to slash programs. so we sat down with will brown and said okay, what do you tell governor brown to do? >> oh, would i love to be there. all of that extra money, just think of how wonderful it would be to find yourself with almost no debt. if i am jerry brown before any legislator opens his mouth or anyone does a special interest opens their mouth about what needs to happen with the money, i would just pay off the debt as much as i could. >> look, there is infrastructure issues, social servicessish eyes, all of the- er service issues, all of the- -service issues and the cuts that had to be taken when the republicans were cutting away and now that the money is out there, you can expect their little hands will be ready to get back some of money. they want the programs back for the poor, for the schools. >> and jerry brown is not going to let him. he is an one man show. and i just hope he removes the temptation of challenging him by having nothing on the baseball. take it off the--on the table. take it off the table by paying off the creditors and freeing up the
right now is because of that state's governor. it is a democratic jerry brown. i want to take a minute and talk about him and about what he is doing. i don't think there is a single politician in america that fascinates me more than jerry brown. he is the oldest governor in the country and the oldest governor in california's history. if you go back four decades ago, he was the youngest, elected in 1974 at the age of 36. it took him just over a year to decide, it was time to run for president. he entered the 1976 democratic race and he entered it very late, in may of that year, months after the new hampshire primary. something like that would be unthinkable today. nominations back then at least theoretically could be decided at dead-locked conventions. brown was the young governor, jumps into the race in may of '76. guess what? he starts winning. he wins in maryland. he wins in nevada. he wins big in california. it is too late for him to make the battle in rhode island, in new jersey. he tells voters to check off uncomplimented on their ballots. uncomplimented wins those states. jerry b
these individuals that built the harvard's, the gales, the browns? i think many of us may remember the headlines of brown university that started with a studied there. how much of that had an impact on what was then "ebony and ivy"? >> guest: it actually had a great impact. i was four or five years into this project when brown university released its report and the former president of ground courageously and in the face of great criticism and great criticism from her own constituents. >> host: her board of trustees and her alumni. >> guest: she courageously articulated the purpose of higher education which is this didn't start free and the pursuit of all of these other arenas we also have to% truth in our own histories. the brown report meant a lot to me because i was four or five years into this project and it was a massive undertaking. it was about 2006 when i realized just how big this was, how much time is going to take and how many years it was going to take and there was a part of me that it to go forward with it. >> host: why? >> guest: it just seemed enormous and it wasn't clear that you
with a look at the week ahead. tomorrow a court hearing is scheduled for chris brown. he is not going to be there because a d.c. judge waived his appearance, allowing him to remain in rehab in california. the singer is charged with misdemeanor simple assault after police say he punched a man outside a hotel last month. brown is on probation for beating then girlfriend rihanna back in 2009. last week, a california judge ordered brown back to rehab for three months. also tomorrow, the virginia state election board will certify results from this month's election. the certification is getting attention because the virginia attorney general's race is still undecided. democrat mark herring has declared himself the winner but republican marco the chain is not ready to concede. he says he will decide whether to seek a recount after the state are certification. another big event happening tomorrow. the capitol christmas tree is set to arrive in the district. the 88 foot spruce was cut in washington state. it has made stops throughout the country on its way to d.c. the tree will be decorated an
, a tourist, was pulled from a plane on the runway just before headeg home from north korea. as terrell brown reports, his family still has no idea wheny he's been detained or when he might be released. >> reporter: merrill newman is 85 years old with a heart condition. his son, jeff, says it's been more than three weeks since anyone has heard from him. >> we've been in regular contact with the state department since the beginning of the detention, but we don't have any new information. >> reporter: newman, a korean war veteran, went to the country on a cite seeing tour with a friend last month. he was arrested after boarding his flight home to pal bradshaw, california. robert carlin is a cbs news analyst. >> why they would hold an american citizen at exactly the time they're trying to get more tourists into the country seems to me a little odd. >> reporter: korean war veterans and tourists have been traveling to north korea in recent years without incident, but newman reportedly had a difficult discussion with government mind bers his military service there. six americans have been detained
be read. i'm not a resident on the street, however, rick brown and i have been friends we've been visited to each other's homes. but due the to the homes on hills few homes are assessable that were rick told me of his neighbors concerns. after reviewing those i want to express my support for rick's project. the edition of an elevator will help me to visit his home. if he can make it's third floor assessable to a bathroom i would appreciate that. this is not something extravagant. thank you for your consideration and my gut into our decision you thank you >> thank you. hi, good afternoon. i'm mike i'm read into the record a statement for an acquaintance of mine. my name is kim george i live across the street from eureka. i ask my statement be read. in their opinion the proposed renovation will cybill improve the looks on the home. i've been contacted by both parties involved and have reviewed the plans mold. i was upset to see that miss misleading information was sent out about this project. i've seen copies of the letters from the planning department. for example, in one of the jazz let
also love jerry brown. today, as governor again of california, i believe jerry brown needs to be talked about very much in the present tense. there is a reason. i'll explain. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, p
of how wonderful it would be to find yourself with almost no debt. if i'm harry brown, before any legislature opens his mouth or one of the organizations open their mouth, i would simply pay off the debt, as much as i could >> there's infrastructure issues, social services issues, there's all of the cutbacks that they had to take when the republicans were cutting away at all of the things they wanted now that the money is out there, you can expect their little hands will be ready to grab back they want the programs back for the poor, for the schools >> terry brown, he's a one-man show. and i just hope he removes the temptation of challenging him by having nothing on the table talk it off of the table by simply paying off some of your creditors and free up your general funds to those annual interest payments that then can be the subject of doing other thing >> you're right, a lot of people said brown had problems, he had a budget. california is a bad place to do business. the sound you're hearing is the sound being pulled out. what is their game at this point? i'm not getting that.
, steelers visiting the browns, we're tied in the second quarter, ben roethlisberger, going to go up top to antonio brown, a 41 yard touchdown strike, the steelers take a 10-3 lead. later on, former red skin jason camp bell gets drilled and will allen scoops up that football and going to take it down to the browns 4 yard line. a 49 yard return. campbell, he was injured on that play, did not return to the game. meanwhile, very next play, big ben, quick strike to emanuel sanders, pittsburgh goes on to victory, 27-11. it was a wild one in kansas city, the 9-1 chiefs hosting the chargers. fourth quarter san diego down four. fill ip rivers finds la darius green and he does the rest. the chargers go on top, 34-31. but back come the chiefses. 1:30 to play. duane bow in the end zone, a 5 yard touchdown. kansas city is back on top, 38-34. there was so much time for rivers. too much time. 30 seconds left, rivers connects with shay, 22 yard touchdown, only of the game. chargers knock off the chiefs 41-38 is your final there. over on college basketball, the last time georgetown and bcu got together,
. that i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: and so are the oakland raiders. willie brown driving to donnie's house with a token of thanks. >> the game ball they used yesterday's game between the tennessee titans -- >> reporter: and even though the raiders did lose sunday's game, something much more precious was won and donnie hopes this woman knows that. >> hey, people care, you know, i hope you're doing fine. people in the world still care about people. no matter what you did or was running through your mind, people out here still care about people. >> reporter: donnie says he would love to hear from the woman or talk to her or her family and would like to know how she is doing. but the sheriff is not saying much about the woman because of the sensitivity of their investigation. >> for all undocumented immigrants right now. >> reporter: president obama was interrupted in san francisco by a former uc berkeley student. the 24-year-old was the subject of a documentary that profiled him as an undocumented student at cal. security was about to throw them out but mr. obama stopped them. he said
design we know will be an icon around the world. thank you, mayor brown for your push for a that iconic design the the idea of opening at night will see the splendor light. because we shouldn't just have a bridge we should have a symbol of resilience, of accomplishment of honor to all the men and women who participated in this and that's what we'll have for generations to come. navigate one thousand 5 hundred years to come. thank you very much willie brown for that. and what an incredible moment in history. that we have both mayors of san francisco and oakland being chinese-americans. we're linked to help build railroads with many of the chinese immigrants coming to san francisco to join in the immigration station just to reach our shores. this new bridge will not be just an engineer marvel but carrying 2 hundred and 80 thousand vehicles between san francisco and the east bay each day and hundreds of thousands of bicyclists at the same time. today marks the historic part of our region but it's a long ending of a long chapter after the 1989 earthquake. just 29 years ago it took 63 lives.
welcome number 81, tim brown. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. elise. she left out number 81 in your program but number one in your heart she left that part out. so it is a pleasure to be here today. we are here to recognize two outstanding 911 youth heroes and four incredible 911 dispatch heroes. these youngsters acted with bravely and confidence, and in an imagine crisis situation and helped to save the lives of their loved ones. our 4, 911 dispatch heroes worked behind the scenes in cooperation with law enforcement and fire and emergency medical response, the men and women who answer this call each day are the true first responders when a emergency strikes which can often make the difference between life-and-death between people in need. they are truly real heroes. please join me in welcoming the director of san francisco management lisa hofmann. [ applause ] >> thank you, tim and thank you elise and kelley from 911 for kids, every year they make this a successful ceremony in honoring children, heroes and dispatchers who are really the people that make it happen to save other peop
what happened at the epa hearing. paul brown tried to make some news with this question. listen carefully to how miss mccarthy responds and watch how he distorts it. >> let me ask you one more question because my time is running out. are you signed up for obama care? >> no, i am not. >> why not? >> because i'm lucky enough as a federal government that i have hearth available for me which i signed up for. in a few years when that's not the case i'll be happy to have other -- >> our president says obama care -- >> to be clear mccarthy is referring to the fact that she's lucky enough to already have health insurance. she's not knocking the affordable care act. a few minutes later, congressman stockman interprets her words differently. that's number two in our countdown. >> you gave me my favorite tweet of the day which is i'm lucky enough -- the quote is from you. it says i'm lucky enough not to have to sign up for obama care. that's wonderful. i wish my constituents could say the same. >> i'm referring to i'm lucky enough to have access to good health care. which the -- >> i'll st
brown said this was something right and the state should offer up to $10 million of back up just in case people have a fear it's about reducing the boyer's for people to make the choices by people who want to parent. we're reminded of that recently because this launch of the program is relevant today as we've all trying to help the victims of the typhoon recover and storms of this nature are on our minds as well as other climate changes as we want to make our world alert better. scientists continue to tell you those storms will only get worse because of climate change. that's why our response to 81 phenomena's has to go beyond disaster relief. so knowing that 50 percent of our greenhouse gas echoes come from that the more we can do on a individual basis and the more our cities hopes to reduce the barriers of the out lay that has to happen with those particular programs and the costs associated with that we can help individual make the right decisions to green sf is one of the lubrications solutions. i am circling the depth with melanie to help put this together. she's already whispered i
a lot of focus brown and black friday sales. today it was all about small businesses. today, known as small business saturday, and president obama showed his support. stopped by a bookstore northwest. the president purchased about 20 books. shows us hows other customers are driving business to mom-and-pop stores. street the busy 14th court or. >> it is the anti-black friday experience. of indoor merchant fares. small business saturday is getting a big push in d.c. >> it is bringing back local flavor. >> this coffee entrepreneur was among those making sales at the d.c. brewery. the nonpreferred -- the nonprofit group is trying to connect small businesses with new customers. >> small businesses are fighting for your attention. they usually started because they are passionate about these things. >> passion that is transforming the retail landscape. fourteenth street is one of the hottest areas of the city. in the past eight months, 25 new businesses have opened doors this year. retailers hope that small business fever continues through the holidays. he dealt experts say nationwide, ho
in their last acc game, taking on nc state, first quarter, maryland down, and c.j. brown picks them up. the senior quarterback, finds king, 53 yard hook up there, terps on top, 10-7, brown was not done. he shows off his legs this time. later on in the quarterback. look at this run. >> there he goes again! >> he had 138 yards rsh i-- yardiyard i s rushing, that was a career high brown puts the icing on the cake. connects with reed here. and 5 total touch counsdowns fom they finish with a record of 7-5. battle of virginia. hokies and cavaliers, i have no idea what the mascots are doing, but whatever. first quarter, va tech, they are on top, 3-0, and wafford to mcgee, taking it down to the 22 yard line. a 38 yard gain, set up a tying field goal. second quarter, hokies up 9-6. thomas, tired of field goals wants to get in the end zone, and finds a receiver that wants to do the same thing, that is trey edmonds, he stays on his feet and into the end zone. only touchdown of the game, that is it va tech would need, they win it 16-6. they finish the regular season at 8-4. also, west virginia los
at what happened in the epa oversight hearing in the house. epa. congressman paul brown tried to make some news. listen carefully to how the chairman miss mccarthy responds and watch how he distorts it. >> one more question because my time's running out. are you signed up for obama care? >> no, i am not. >> why not? >> because i'm lucky enough as the federal government that i have health care available to me which i've signed up for. in a few years when that's not the case, isle be happy to have other available -- >> the president says obama care -- >> to be clear, mccarthy is referring to the fact that she's lucky enough to already have health insurance. she's not knocking the affordable care act. a few minutes later in the hearing right to her face congressman steve stockman chose to interpret her words somewhat differently. that's number two in our countdown. >> i think earlier you gave me my favorite tweet of the day, which i'm going to send out, which is i'm lucky enough -- the quote is from you. i love it. it says i'm lucky enough not to have to sign up for obama care. that's wonderf
. terps down in raleigh taking on nc state. a huge game for c.j. brown. brown heaves it down field. able to come away with the ball, giving the terps with their first lead of the game. brown getting it done on the ground as well. brown off the fake, takes it 49 yards to the house. he had five touchdowns on the day. maryland scored on their first six possessions and 41-21 the final. virginia hosting virginia tech. field goals were the name of the game until this, logan thomas finds trey edmonds for the 26-yard score. able to get it in, hokies win this one beating the cavaliers for the 10th straight time. and this was all west virginia early taking a 31-14 lead at half. 76-yard touchdown run. that's his second of the day. but, iowa state did their best to come back and mountaineers did their best to tie things up at 38 a piece. this game needed not one, not two, but three overtimes. for the game winner. iowa state beats west virginia 52-44 the final. and the game of the day, you saw right here on wusa, the iron bowl, the first time -- game tied. field goal just short, but sitting right the
mayor willie brown for being here today (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >>
director emeritus dr. janice brown says, because of enrollment more teacher jobs were created. 70% of promise students enrolled in two schools both saw a big jump in tuition revenue. >> $30 million in our community swirling around that wasn't there before. >> dr. brown is the only one who knows the identities of the anonymous donors, and she's not telling. she said they pledged to do so forever. >> anybody that could do that could live anywhere probably in the world and they live in this small, unique, funky vibey little place with the weird name called kalamazoo. >> already 30 other programs have popped up around the country and dozens more in the works. pittsburgh students have 26,000 students, more than twice as many as kalamazoo. pittsburgh estimates it needs $250 million endowment to pledge the amount from 2006. they consider the money an investment. >> many of these students are going and becoming nurses, becoming doctors, human resource professionals, finance professionals, all things that are needed at upmc. >> hundreds are hired by the very same companies that help pay fo
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